28 de agosto de 2014

I am a child.

I am a child in very many funny ways:
I like to play, I like to dance,
I like to hold my breath and feel my heart.
I like to dig a pit into a plot and peep in its insides,
slide right in,
my head within
my legs, and just pretend
i am a wee snake
just crawling out,
devouring little men.

My therapists often say to me:
"You are beautiful and very kind"
So while I grin in disbelieve they tend to ad:
"...clever, humble... dysfunctional, but sometimes a great fun!"
They also say, with no restrains.
"You are chronically depressed"
Last one I've had is mildly insane,
and somehow rather wise (or at least knowledgeable).
After very many little chats, she tends to stare at me
and from her chair, with mild content, she thinks she's found a clue.
She voices loudly how she thinks, I need to widen out:
"From all this people you have met, you seem to be aloof.
Just go around and meet some more, find someone 'right for you'"

So I am on a Quest, to find the rest of my belittled kind

or just a friend, who doesn't care, and wants to have some fun.